Factions in the Punjab Congress! This big leader did not come to the state in-charge meeting, demanding action against Sidhu

State in-charge Devendra Yadav takes a meeting in Punjab - India TV Hindi

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State in-charge Devendra Yadav is holding a meeting in Punjab.

Chandigarh: The factionalism of the Congress in Punjab shows no sign of abating. State Congress insiders once again came out in the open on Tuesday in front of new in-charge Devendra Yadav. Fueling the fire was former Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu who, instead of attending the meeting in Chandigarh, went to Hoshiarpur in Punjab and held a rally during which the Congress was asked to save itself. And the old Congress. Advised to respect leaders and bring forward leaders with roadmap.

Demand to expel Sidhu from Congress

According to the sources, after that several Congress leaders openly demanded Navjot Singh Sidhu’s expulsion from the party in front of Punjab Congress state in-charge Devendra Yadav. Punjab Congress leaders also referred to Navjot Singh Sidhu’s speech at the Hoshiarpur rally in front of Devendra Yadav and called it an anomaly. In response, Devendra Yadav tried to sidestep the issue by asking senior Punjab Congress leaders, disgruntled with Sidhu and his camp, to exercise restraint and listen to Navjot Singh Sidhu on Wednesday.

Former Chief Minister Cheney These big leaders including him did not come to the meeting

As per the pre-arranged schedule, this was the first meeting of the Punjab Congress leaders with the new in-charge but former state president Navjot Singh Sidhu went to Hoshiarpur to attend his rally while former chief minister Charanjit Singh Chani, former cabinet minister Pragat Singh, former cabinet Bharat Bhushan Ashu, MP Ronit Singh Bittu, MP Gurjeet Singh Ojla and former cabinet Gurkirt Singh Kotli also did not come to meet him on the first day of the three-day meeting. This is also giving rise to many speculations.

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