16 people were killed in the violent protests that led to the country’s state of emergency.

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Declaration of emergency

Port Moresby: A state of emergency has been imposed in Papua New Guinea due to riots. Prime Minister James Marape declared a two-week state of emergency in the capital, Port Moresby, on Thursday. Due to protests across the country, the government decided to impose emergency. A Pacific island police chief has been suspended after more than 16 people died in violent protests across the country.

Due to which riots spread.

Violent protests erupted on Wednesday after an unexpected cut in the salaries of police, defense officers and other government employees. People quit their jobs against the cut in salaries. The government of Papua New Guinea blamed the pay cut on a computer glitch and promised to fix the problem. But the situation in Port Moresby quickly deteriorated. More than a dozen shops were torched in the protests and there were reports of widespread looting after the unrest continued into the night.

People are worried about inflation and unemployment.

Deaths were also reported in the capital, Port Moresby, and the country’s second-largest city, LA, but authorities have not released any official figures. According to the New York Times, unemployment and inflation in the country of about ten million led to riots.

The Prime Minister held the opponents responsible

Prime Minister James Marape announced an investigation into the crisis during a press conference on Thursday, saying about 1,000 special forces were ready to tackle the unrest. In addition to Police Commissioner David Manning, Marape also suspended the heads of the government’s finance, treasury and personnel management departments, according to the New York Times. Marape said that the unrest in the country was a conspiracy hatched by his political opponents.

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