Big shock to students, this big IT company will not be involved in campus hiring, know the reason.

Hiring Infosys Campus: There is shocking news for students looking for a job. The leading IT company of the country has given important information regarding campus hiring. The company has said that it will not be hiring on campus for now. In this case, it will have a direct impact on employment opportunities for the youth. Earlier, the company had not done any campus hiring in the last quarter either. Apart from this, another IT major Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has said that it is going to start the campus hiring process for the financial year 2024-25.

Infosys made this statement.

Infosys also released December quarter results on Thursday. Accordingly, a large decrease in the number of employees of the company has been recorded. In the third quarter of the financial year 2023-24, the number of employees of Infosys has been reduced by 6101 employees. It previously cut 7,530 employees between July and September. In such a situation, the total number of employees working in the company till December 31, 2023 is only 322,663.

Explaining the declining number of employees and the decision not to hire on campus, the company’s Chief Financial Officer Nilanjan Roy said that the company is currently working on a flexi-hiring model and hiring new people as per its requirement. has been He further said that if the company needs more employees, it will run off-campus programs and recruit people.

TCS also downsized employees.

Not only Infosys but also TCS has reduced the number of employees. In the December quarter, the leading IT company’s total number of employees fell by 5,680. Earlier in the last quarter itself, the company had been asked to reduce the number of employees further. A total of 603,305 people were currently working in the company as of December 31, 2023.

Infosys’s profit fell

Infosys has released its third quarter results for the current financial year on Thursday. The company’s net profit for the quarter was Rs 6,106 crore, down 7.3 percent from the same quarter last fiscal. Compared to the previous quarter i.e. July-September 2023, the profit of the company has decreased by 1.7%. TCS has reported an increase in profit during the third quarter. The company has posted a net profit of Rs 11,058 crore in the December quarter. In such a situation, it has been 2 percent higher than the corresponding quarter of last year.

Infosys shares surge

After Infosys announced its quarterly results on Thursday, the company’s shares saw a sharp rise on Friday. The Nifty IT index has seen an increase of over 7 percent and is currently up by Rs 107.35 to Rs 1601.55. Along with this, the market cap of the company has increased to Rs 6.63 lakh crore.

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