Voting has started in Taiwan for the election of a new president, eyes are fixed on China and America.

Voting begins in Taiwan to elect a new president.- India TV Hindi

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Voting has begun in Taiwan to elect a new president.

Taipei: Taiwan is voting to elect a new president on Saturday. The outcome of this election could determine the direction of its relationship with China for the next four years. The peace and stability of Taiwan is at stake in this election. Vice President Lai Ching Tai, representing the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), is running against outgoing President Tai Eng Win, who is seeking an unprecedented third victory for the pro-independence party.

Voting started at 8 am.

Lai will cast his vote in his hometown of Tainan. Pro-Chinese Kuomintang Party candidate Hou Yu-ih will cast his vote in New Taipei City. It is also known as the Nationalist Party. Taiwan People’s Party candidate Wen-Jay, popular among young voters, will cast his vote in Taipei. They are offering an alternative to the two major political parties. Voting started at eight o’clock on Saturday morning and will continue for about eight hours. The candidates completed their election campaign on Friday night.

Lai said – left the career because of China.

In Tainan, Lai said he had given up his career as a surgeon because of China’s missile tests and military exercises aimed at intimidating Taiwanese voters ahead of the first presidential election in 1996. “I wanted to protect the democracy that had just started in Taiwan,” he said. I decided to leave my high paying job and follow the footsteps of my elders in democracy.

Ho questioned Lai’s approach.

Ho, a former head of Taiwan’s police force and mayor of the capital’s suburbs, said Lai’s approach to relations with Beijing could lead to uncertainty and even war. China’s military threats may turn some voters against pro-independence candidates, but the United States has pledged to support whichever government is formed.

Elections also depend on national issues.

US President Joe Biden’s administration plans to send an informal delegation of former top officials to the island nation shortly after the election. The move could hamper efforts to normalize relations between Beijing and Washington, which have been strained in recent years over trade, COVID-19, US support for Taiwan and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Apart from tensions with China, Taiwan’s elections hinge largely on domestic issues, particularly the economy, which grew just 1.4 percent last year.

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