Zero carbon dream will come true only with green hydrogen: Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani- India TV Paisa
Image: File Gautam Adani

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani emphasized the importance of green hydrogen in achieving the goal of zero carbon emissions at the 54th annual World Economic Forum (WEF). Addressing the topic ‘Low cost – key to success of green hydrogen for net zero target’, Adani said that green hydrogen is a good alternative to fossil fuels. This will help in the transition to clean and renewables in the future.

Gautam Adani added that the justification in India’s situation is that there is no need to replace fossil fuels with any alternative. Rather, there is rapid progress towards renewable and green hydrogen. As the cost of solar has decreased. The same can be repeated in green hydrogen. This will help India achieve its goal of energy security and improve the air quality of cities. It can also contribute to food safety. Because it will remove the uncertainty of prices of imported ammonia, which is a key ingredient in fertilizer. It will also help the world avoid the negative effects of climate change.

Let us tell you that the cost of green hydrogen is currently a major issue for companies. Currently, the cost of producing one kilogram of green hydrogen is $3 to $5 per kilogram. Also, if it is mass-produced, it can cost as much as one dollar per kilogram.

Adani Group is moving towards green hydrogen.

Adani New Industries Limited, a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises, is developing an end-to-end solution for globally competitive green hydrogen. 1 million metric ton green hydrogen is planned in Gujarat by Adani New Industries Limited. Production is expected to begin in fiscal 2027. Green hydrogen capacity can be increased to 3 MT in the next 10 years depending on market conditions. Adani Group will invest about 50 billion dollars for this.

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