The judge said, “If you don’t shut up, you’re going to be thrown out of court,” Trump responded…

Donald Trump, President of the United States.  - India TV Hindi.

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Donald Trump, President of the United States.

During the hearing of former US President Donald Trump’s case, the judge warned him several times to remain silent. But Donald Trump ignored their warnings and spoke from time to time. This angered the judges. The judge warned Donald Trump that he would be fired if he repeatedly obstructed court proceedings. The judge may not have thought of Trump’s answer. If that happens, he said, ‘I’d love it’. Even Judge Lewis A. Kaplan was surprised by this.

If Trump did not remain silent, he had said that if he continued to disrupt the court, his right to appear in the case would also be revoked. We tell you that Donald Trump was fired on Wednesday after he ignored repeated warnings to keep quiet during his Manhattan civil trial. E. Jean Carroll, the author who accused him in the case, testified that Trump’s reputation was damaged after accusing him of sexual assault. Judge Lewis A. Kaplan told the former president that if he continued to be disruptive, his right to stand trial would be revoked.

The judge gave this answer to Trump.

When Donald Trump said, “I like it,” the judge said, “Mr. Trump, I hope I don’t have to consider taking you off the case.” But “I think you’re probably too anxious to make me do it.” Apparently you can’t control yourself in these situations. Trump muttered, “Neither can you.” Afterward, Trump criticized the judge in brief remarks to reporters at an office building he owns near the courthouse. He called Bill Clinton’s appointee “a bad judge” and a “Trump hater.”

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