Did the Pakistani government ban the media from covering the Iranian airstrike? – India TV Hindi.

Fact Check- India TV Hindi.

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Fact Check: Pakistani government bans media from covering Iranian airstrike.

India TV Fact Check: Everyone has a grip on social media these days. Through this, most of the news reaches everyone quickly. But not everyone can know how much of it is true or how much is false. That’s why India TV investigates for you the news that is creating confusion on social media. A similar post was posted on social media yesterday.

This post went viral so fast that people started discussing it. After that, India TV decided that we will get to the bottom of whether Pakistan government really did this, so India TV’s fact check team analyzed the news and found it to be completely false. . The Pakistani government has not released any such letter to the local media.

What was claimed?

It is worth noting that a user named @BigBreakingWire has shared a post on social media that has been blocked.

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Image source: India TV

Misleading posts on social media

What truth was revealed in India TV’s investigation?

Regarding this post, we searched Google and some news sites of Pakistani media, here our team did not find anything, then we searched some handles of Pakistani government, here our team found a post in which Pakistani Ministry of Information And the broadcast fact checker said the claim on the X handle was invalid. The Pakistani ministry’s X-Handle claimed that it was a fake and fabricated note. Relevant government agencies will take legal action to the fullest extent of the law against the creation and dissemination of these fake media products.

What was the result of the investigation?

Our fact check revealed that the claim made with the viral post on X is false. The government of Pakistan did not ban media coverage.

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