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Chanakya Niti.

Chanakya Niti: Acharya Chanakya is said to be the greatest philosophical guru of India. His policies have given a new direction to human life. Many people follow Chanakya’s policy for success in their life. Chanakya in his policy mentioned many things for the welfare of human beings and also gave valuable suggestions to improve their lives.

You have often heard that everyone wants to get rid of people who are greedy and have a habit of asking. Chanakya has described such people as lighter than cotton. Let’s know what more they have said about such people in their policy.

Chanakya’s policy is as follows-

Grass is lighter than grass and beggar is heavier than grass.

He will ask me about my health.

Acharya Chanakya in his policy says that straw is very light and cotton is even lighter. Also Chanakya tells the inquirer that it is lighter than cotton. The questioner is lighter than cotton, so why does the wind not carry it? Behind it is the nature of begging, the wind will blow the beggar away, so he is afraid that he may not even ask for anything from me. At this thought the wind recedes.

People stay away from this one human habit.

Chanakya tries to explain this through his policy and says that bhosa i.e. straw is the lightest in the world, cotton is lighter than straw and one who asks for something lighter than cotton is a beggar. In such a case, the question arises that if the questioner is lighter than cotton, why does the wind not carry him away like cotton? Because even the wind is afraid of the beggar, so that if I go near it, it will ask for something from me. Because of this fear, she does not take him.

Eventually, despair sets in.

Overall, Chanakya is trying to explain here that asking someone for something is not a good habit. Everyone keeps away from those who keep demanding something from others. It is also said that one who asks gets nothing. “Pearls are given without asking, charity is not given even after asking”That is, nothing goes into the hands of the beggar. He gets everything in life without asking.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on religious belief and folk beliefs. There is no scientific evidence for this. India TV does not prove the truth of anything.)

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