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Wheat The total area under cultivation in the current rabi season of crop year 2023-24 (July-June) has crossed 34 million hectares. The area of ​​pulses is reduced. This information is given in the Ministry of Agriculture data released on Friday. Sowing of wheat, the main rabi (winter) crop that begins in October, has been completed. Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab are the top three states with the largest area under wheat cultivation. According to the latest data of the ministry, wheat has been sown in 340.08 lakh hectares in the current Rabi season till January 19, while wheat was sown in 337.50 lakh hectares in the year-ago period. On one hand, the area of ​​coarse grains and oilseeds was more than last year, on the other hand, the area of ​​pulses and paddy was less in this rabi season. Due to which the production of pulses is likely to decrease.

The area of ​​urad and groundnut remained low.

In Rabi season 2023-24, pulses have been sown in 155.13 lakh hectares which is less than last year’s 162.66 lakh hectares. The data shows that the area under gram, urad and groundnut remained low. However, in the current Rabi season so far, the area covered under pulses is more than 19.51 lakh hectares, which was 18.46 lakh hectares in the year-ago period. The area under paddy cultivation also declined to 28.25 lakh hectares from 29.33 lakh hectares in the same period last year. According to the data, the total area under cultivation of coarse grains so far in the current rabi season is 53.83 lakh hectares, which was 50.77 lakh hectares in the year-ago period.

Sowing of rabi crops is almost complete.

The data showed that the area under oilseeds improved slightly to 109.88 lakh hectares, as against 108.82 lakh hectares in the same period last year. The total area under all rabi crops has so far declined to 687.18 lakh hectares in the rabi season 2023-24, as against 689.09 lakh hectares in the year-ago period, due to the decline in area under paddy and pulses. Apart from wheat, sowing of Rabi crops is almost complete. Keeping in mind the details of late transmission of data by some states, weekly data is being released with updated area sown figures.

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Wheat production crossed 34 million hectares, pulses likely to remain low

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