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Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Today in Vastu Shastra we will talk about the relation of the house of worship with debt. According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered best to build a temple in the north-east corner, but one thing that should be taken care of when building a temple in this direction is not to place a stone slab under the shrine. Otherwise, you may end up in debt. Instead of stone, you can build a wooden slab or a separate wooden temple. But keep in mind that the wooden temple should not be completely attached to the wall, build the temple slightly away from the wall. If you are building a wooden temple in the north-east direction, make sure to build a round base under the temple.

According to Vastu Shastra, broken and cracked utensils should never be kept in the house. Eating food in such vessels increases poverty in the household, which sometimes leads to debt. Therefore, broken or cracked utensils as well as broken cots should not be used.

Apart from this, to avoid debt and other types of problems, an octagonal mirror should be placed in the north direction. Installing such a mirror at home gives many good results. So, be sure to install an octagonal mirror.

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