Attack on Congress workers in Assam! Allegations made by party, DGP says – India TV Hindi

Mallikarjun Kharge made allegations.- India TV Hindi.

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Mallikarjun Kharge made this allegation.

New Delhi: The Congress party has alleged that workers were attacked during the ‘Bharat Jodo Naya Yatra’ in Assam’s northern city of Lakhimpur. Their vehicles were vandalized and banners were also torn. The main opposition party released some videos related to the incident and also claimed that the attack was carried out with the support of the BJP government and it shows the panic of Chief Minister Himanta Vishwa Sharma and the BJP. Meanwhile, Assam Director General of Police (DGP) Gyanendra Pratap Singh said no vehicle was hit and the Yatra entered Arunachal Pradesh peacefully.

Congress Party President Mallikarjan Kharge said that the Congress Party and Rahul Gandhi are not afraid of such attacks. Posted by Kharge. In the last 10 years, the BJP has tried to crush and destroy every right and justice granted to the people of India by the Constitution. They (BJP) want to suppress their (Congress) voice by violating democracy.” He said, “Congress party has adopted this strategy of attack and intimidation by the BJP government in Assam. Not afraid of practicality. Congress party will take appropriate legal action against these puppets of BJP. Our fight and Rahul Gandhi’s commitment to justice is unwavering.

At the same time, the DGP of Assam denied the allegations by posting on the social media platform ‘X’. Responding to Kharge’s post, he said, “Sir, no political party’s vehicle has been targeted nor is there a yatra. The Assam Police has made elaborate security and law and order arrangements for the Yatra across the state. After the first leg in Assam, the Yatra has entered Arunachal Pradesh peacefully.

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