Super Rich Tax: When will our immense wealth be taxed more, the world’s rich demand?

World Economic Forum: The world’s rich are now worried for a unique reason. Accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few is putting them in trouble. They feel that in the near future its serious consequences will be seen on the society. That is why he has called for additional taxation on the rich. These millionaires and billionaires have called on leaders around the world to impose higher taxes on rich people like them.

This question has not been answered for three years

At the meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, millionaires and billionaires together called for an additional tax on excess wealth. An open letter ‘Proud to Pay’ was written in this regard. In it, he addressed the world leaders and wrote that we are surprised that this demand is being made for three years, yet no one has an answer to this simple question. When will you people bring this immense wealth under the additional tax?

260 billionaires and millionaires are involved in the wealth tax campaign.

This letter was delivered to world leaders gathered in Davos. It called for additional taxation on the very rich. This letter is signed by some of the richest people in the world. About 260 billionaires and millionaires are involved in this campaign to tax the rich. He says that social discrimination is increasing all over the world. We have reached the bottom of this problem. Due to which the economic, social and environmental situation of the world is suffering from a serious situation. This idle money left by the rich through additional taxation can be used for the welfare of the people.

Famous names of the world are also included in this demand against Amiri.

Among those who protested against the immense wealth were big names like Valerie Rockefeller, Abigail Disney and Marlene Engelhorn. Marlene Englehorn said that I have a lot of wealth even though I didn’t work very hard for it. There is no property tax in Austria. She recently made headlines by expressing her desire to donate her ancestral property worth 25 million euros.

Only one percent own 38 percent of the world’s wealth.

According to the Global Inequality Report 2022, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting stuck in the mire of poverty. Between 1995 and 2021, 38 percent of the world’s wealth has accumulated in the hands of only one percent. Also, only 2% of the wealth reached 400 crore people. The wealth of billionaires has been increasing exponentially since the Covid pandemic.

An additional tax on the rich is a far-fetched thing.

Stefan Bach of the Berlin-based German Institute of Economic Research calls additional taxes on the rich a thing of the past. He says that most of the rich people who make such demands do not run companies but have inherited them. This is the reason why this demand is not being accepted by business world and leaders. Businessmen have lobbied hard against any such filing. He also has contacts with big leaders. In 2019, the US called for an ultra-millionaire tax on people earning more than $50 million.

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