Japan’s lander fell asleep on the moon, disconnected from the earth, what hope to wake up now? – India TV Hindi.

Japan's lander falls asleep on the moon - India TV Hindi

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Japan’s lander fell asleep on the moon.

Japan Moon Mission: Japan has landed a lander on the surface of the moon as part of its lunar mission. But the problem is that it has fallen asleep on the moon itself. Now it is hard to say how much hope there is for him to wake up. It is being told that its battery is dead. Due to this, the lander has lost contact with the ground.

Smart lander to probe moon shut down due to solar power failure. Due to which Japan’s promising moon mission is now in jeopardy. Due to a fault in the solar panel, its battery is not being fully charged. However, there is no official information about the shutdown of the lander. But it is being speculated that the battery may have been discharged. However, Japan’s moon mission with a lander was successful. Japan’s lander managed to reach the surface of the moon for the first time.

Solar panels facing the wrong direction of the sun

The lander’s solar panel is believed to be in the wrong direction. Therefore no light is falling on it. The direction of the sun is expected to change next month. The head of the space agency, Hitoshi Koninaka, while explaining the situation, said that it takes 30 days for the solar angle on the moon to change. In such a case, when the solar angle changes, the light will come from the other side. This allows light to hit the solar cell. The space agency hopes that changes in the sun’s position could revive the lunar lander.

Japan made history.

Japan has created a new history in space science by landing on the moon. Japan became the fifth country to send a lander to the moon. But in the meantime a shadow appeared where he landed. However, the Japanese mission was somewhat successful. This lander is called Moon Sniper. Because it can make a precise landing. Where other spaceships are given an area of ​​several kilometers for landing. Japan’s thin lander made a precision landing in an area of ​​just 100 meters.

Lunar orbit entry took place on December 25.

SLIM was launched in September and entered lunar orbit on December 25. Before this, Japan has made several attempts for a moon mission. By reaching the moon, Japan became part of the elite space club where there were only four countries until now.

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