Shoaib Malik was dating Sana Javed for three years, Sania Mirza took this step

Shoaib Malik Sana Javed Relationship: Shoaib Malik is in headlines these days for his third marriage. Shoaib is married for the third time to Pakistani actress Sana Javed. After marrying Sana, Shoaib has surprised everyone. The big thing is that Shoaib got married to Sana before announcing his divorce from his ex-wife Sania Mirza. Now according to reports, Shoaib was cheating on Sania for the last three years. It has also been told where Shoaib and Sana met for the first time.

Pakistani journalist Naeem Hanif recently revealed Shoaib and Sana’s affair in a podcast. Hanif said that the two first met on the sets of a reality show and both were attracted to each other from the very first moment. The two were dating for three years.

He used to call Sana after requesting the producer.
Hanif said that whenever Shoaib was called for any TV show, he used to request the producers to invite Sana to the TV show as well. Both were married at the time, yet the attraction between them was growing.

Sania reacted like this.
When Sania came to know about Shoaib and Sana’s secret affair, she informed Shoaib’s family about it. Shoaib’s family immediately came to Dubai and asked the couple to settle everything between them. Despite his advice, the two did not want to give their relationship another chance and decided to get a divorce. Shoaib’s family is with Sania in this matter. No one from his family attended his and Sana’s wedding.

Let us tell you that Shoaib Malik and Sana Javed got married on January 20. Everyone was shocked to see the wedding pictures on social media.

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