Plane carrying 65 Ukrainian soldiers hostage crashes, catches fire as it falls, watch video – India TV Hindi

Russian plane crashes - India TV Hindi

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Russian plane crashes

Plane crash: A Russian plane carrying 65 prisoners of war has crashed. This plane has caught fire. According to reports, a Russian military transport plane carrying 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war has crashed in the Belgorod region of Russia. The video of the crash shows the plane descending rapidly. The Il-76 lost control of the pilot and crashed near a residential area.

The news agency RIA Novosti has reported with reference to the Ministry of Defense that 65 Ukrainian military personnel were on board the plane. They were being taken to the Belgrade area for exchange. Six crew members and three escorts were also on board with him. After the incident of the plane crash, the Russian MP claimed that the military plane was attacked by three missiles and shot down. However, it has not been officially confirmed yet.

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