Acting with Alia Bhatt, the actor suffered a heart attack after touching a poisonous insect

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The actor suffered a heart attack after touching the poisonous insect

Recently, there has been a news about a famous actor, which everyone is surprised to hear. The news is like this. Actually an actor was on a visit to Portugal and during that he suffered a heart attack due to being touched by a bug after which he had to be admitted to the hospital. The actor we are talking about is ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ actor Jamie Dornan, with whom the accident happened. Know what is the whole matter.

Jamie Dornan’s friend had a heart attack earlier

In fact, it is being told that the actor was on a visit to Portugal when the sentence happened to him. Jamie Dornan’s friend Gordon Smart explained the whole incident in an interview and said that both he and Jamie were on holiday at a golfing resort in Portugal. Meanwhile, his health suddenly started to deteriorate. At first, when he started feeling strange, he thought it was because he had had too many drinks. However, later they find out that all this is happening to them because of a caterpillar which is poisonous.

Jamie Dornan was hospitalized after his friend recovered.

Gordon Smart said that the whole incident happened only a day after the trip with him. He then suddenly felt a burning sensation in his left hand, after which he thought he was having a heart attack. Gordon Smart was then rushed to hospital and later discharged. When he returned to the hotel, he noticed that Jamie Dornan was also feeling like his friend. Talking about this, Jamie said that 20 minutes after he got to the hospital, Jamie’s hands and legs also started going numb, after which he also had to be admitted to the hospital immediately. . But the good news is that both Jamie and his friend Gordon are fine now. None of them had consumed too much caffeine or had too much of a hangover, or they might have died as a result of the bug that had bitten them.

The doctor said that this accident was caused by which insect?

The doctor who treated Jamie and Gordon said that the cause of their heart attacks was a poisonous caterpillar. Jamie and Gordon then remember touching hairy processionary caterpillars, whose venom is extremely dangerous. But thank God that both are alive. Let us tell you that 41-year-old Jamie Dornan is known for the Fifty Shades film franchise. He was last seen in the Netflix film ‘Heart of Stone’. Alia Bhatt also appeared with him in this film.

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