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Woman leaves baby in France with boyfriend - India TV Hindi

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In France, the woman left her child and moved in with her boyfriend.

France News: There is little that love can do to you. One such case has come out from France. In a heartbreaking case in Narsac, France, a mother left her 9-year-old son alone in her flat for 2 years after falling in love with her boyfriend. The child’s condition became such that he used to steal food from the neighbors’ houses. In this case, the local court took notice and sentenced the mother of the accused. In this case, the accused mother was sent to jail last week.

According to information, the accused woman lived with her boyfriend in another flat 5 km away from the flat in which the child was confined. During this period the child lived alone for two years and depended on food stolen from neighbours’ houses. A woman madly in love with her lover used to visit her child occasionally.

The child was alone away from the mother for 2 years.

According to information, this woman has been identified as Alexandra. The woman was living with her boyfriend between 2020 and 2022, leaving her child alone in the flat. The situation had become such that the child mostly satiated his hunger by eating cakes, cold canned food and tomatoes stolen from neighbors’ houses.

My son’s flat had no electricity and water supply.

While the woman was enjoying life with her boyfriend, she did not think how her son would be living alone in the flat. That too, a flat with neither electricity nor hot water. The big thing was that the child continued to go to school even in such circumstances. So that the teachers do not suspect that he lives alone at home.

The mayor became suspicious of his mother’s words.

The mayor said that in May 2022, the mother of the accused, Alexandra, came to meet him, to which the woman told that she was short of money. On this the mayor gave her 4 food vouchers as help but the woman took some canned food in return which made the mayor suspicious of the woman, the mayor questioned the local people. The mayor then learned that the woman’s child was living alone in the flat. The matter was reported to the police. After that, this whole matter came out. However, after this incident, the child is safe.

The court sentenced him to 6 months

According to local media, the court has canceled the 12-month sentence of the accused’s mother. In this case, he has been sentenced for the remaining 6 months.

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