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Image source: India TV
Fact check on the virality of the picture linking to Lord Rama

India TV Fact Check: Ever since the consecration of Lord Ram at the Ram temple in Ayodhya, many misleading and fake images and videos have been going viral on the internet. Many such posts are also being fact-checked continuously by India TV. Meanwhile, we came across yet another viral post claiming that a photographer was in tears while taking a picture of the statue of Ram Lalla sitting in a temple in Ayodhya. But when we checked the authenticity of this picture, we found that the actual picture is from a football match of the year 2019.

What’s going viral?

Actually, a user named @Dhruv_tr108 on the social media platform Image Shared on January 22, 2024. It is accompanied by the caption, “The feeling behind it… Jai Shri Ram.” Another similar post is also going viral on Facebook. This photo has been shared on January 23, 2024. A user named Astro & Vastu With Anju posted the picture and captioned it in English, “Jai Shri Siyaram Ji… Even the cameraman couldn’t stop his emotions, how could he. Ram Ram Ka Dil Tripurari, Body And mans are fragrant with flowers, Rama’s Odisha from the bow, Ayodhya became special, Now pakhru at his feet, Eyes are like Ganges water, Do not understand anything with words, Listen to the conscience of the heart, Devoted to Shri Ramji. (Caption translated as)

Reality check

Image Source: Screenshot

This picture is going viral on X and Facebook.

India TV checked the facts.

When we came across this image, we started looking for it with the help of reverse search on Google. Meanwhile, we got a fact check from AFP. Another post in this story was fact-checked and published on May 26, 2021. Here the photo was linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and went viral, fact-checked by AFP.

Reality check

Image Source: Screenshot

Fact-checking on the photo found on the AFP website

In this news we got the original picture related to the viral post which was posted on the official.@afcasiancup) was uploaded to This photo was shared here on January 24, 2019. The accompanying caption reads, “Madness. An emotional moment for an Iraqi photographer during the Round of 16 match against Qatar. #AsianCup2019” Notably, Qatar’s team beat Iraq 1-0 in the Asian Cup 2019. reached the quarter finals. I had arrived. This viral picture is from that time.

After that, we did a little more searching with some key words and got some more information about the official. Official on 24 January 2019@IraqNT_ENIn which the cameraman is clearly seen crying. The caption accompanying the post reads, “It’s not easy to photograph your country’s exit from the Asian Cup 2019… We can all feel your pain, Mohammad Al-Azvi.” Here it was revealed that the photographer His name is Muhammad Al-Azvi

What did the investigation reveal?

India TV actually checked it by linking it to Lord Ram. The viral photo is actually from Asian Cup 2019.

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