‘He was rapping when I woke up’, victim accuses Insta-friend – India TV Hindi

Girl accuses Instagram friend of rape.- India TV Hindi

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The girl accused her Instagram friend of rape.

Mumbai: Befriending a young man on Instagram cost the girl dearly. The girl herself has given this information. The girl says she was befriended by a young man through Instagram. A few days ago she went out for drinks and a party with her friends, including her Instagram friend. During the party, the accused made the girl drink a lot of alcohol due to which she lost consciousness. When the girl woke up at night, she saw that the accused was raping her. Currently, a case has been registered against the accused in Worli Police Station, Mumbai.

The victim posted the information.

On January 25, the girl reported the entire incident through an account named ‘Punish My Rapist’. The victim has identified the accused as Hitak Shah. Narrating her ordeal, the victim has demanded justice and advised other women to be careful when interacting with people on social media. The victim said that she had gone to some places with accused Shah and his friends for drinks and partying. After a few shots of alcohol, when she felt intoxicated, the accused forced her to drink more. The victim has also suspected that something was mixed in her drink due to which she fainted.

Even after 12 days of the incident, the accused escaped

“When I woke up, I found him raping me. Despite my efforts to stop him, he continued. He also slapped me three times in a fit of rage that scared me,” the victim wrote. The victim wrote. However, the next morning the accused also apologized to the victim and asked her to put an end to last night’s incident. He has been missing since that day. The victim says that it has been 12 days since the incident and now the accused is trying to evade arrest. Amid police investigation, the accused has also filed an application for anticipatory bail.

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