The country gets its first AI unicorn, ‘Crystima’ gets $50 million in funding, market value reaches $1 billion.

Bhavesh Agarwal Karutram: India has made great strides in the artificial intelligence (AI) race. AI startup Krutrim has been recognized as the country’s first AI Unicorn. Ola CEO Bhavesh Agarwal’s AI startup Artificial has received $50 million in funding. Matrix Partners India and other investors put synthetic’s market value at $1 billion. With this, it has become the country’s first AI unicorn startup.

The language model was launched only a month ago.

AI startup Synthet launched its language model about a month ago. The synthetic company model is not limited to languages. This startup is developing data centers. It is also planning to build servers and supercomputers for the AI ​​ecosystem. Bhavesh Agarwal posted on the social media platform X that the artificial has successfully completed its first funding round. This is a historic moment not only for the company but also for India. India has to build its own AI. We will try our best to fulfill this dream through artificial intelligence.

Able to work in multiple Indian languages

Focusing on Indian data, artificial intelligence has been trained on more than 2 trillion tokens, said Bhavesh Agarwal. It has the power to work in many Indian languages. The artificial intelligence not only understands several Indian languages ​​but also has the ability to respond easily in them. Its language models currently include synthetic base and synthetic pro. We have developed them with multi-modal features and comprehensive cognitive capability. This model can easily switch between multiple languages. It can easily tell you Bengali poetry, information about Bollywood movies and masala dosa recipe.

A beta version of the synthetic will arrive in February.

The beta version of the synthetic will be made available to people from February 2024. APIs will also be made available to build AI applications with its help. India has now joined the global race to produce language masterpieces.

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