Attempts were made to kill Bapu 6 times, how did the assassination plot end? – India TV Hindi.

How did the conspiracy to kill Gandhiji reach its end?  - India TV Hindi.

How did the conspiracy to kill Gandhiji reach its end?

76 years ago today, the conspiracy to kill Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, who played an important role in liberating the father of the nation and the country, finally succeeded. Impressed by his personality, people called him ‘Mahatma’, while many fondly called him ‘Bapu’. After the fatal attack in 1946, Mahatma Gandhi said in a public prayer meeting, “I have never hurt anyone, I do not consider anyone as an enemy, so I cannot understand why so many attempts were made on my life. ” I’m not ready to die yet.”

In fact, many people at that time did not agree with the views of Mahatma Gandhi, who advocated non-violence. Even today a section of people hate him because of his views. Some such people killed Mahatma Gandhi on January 30, 1948. This day is celebrated as ‘Yom Shuhda’ in India. Mahatma Gandhi came into people’s radar only after the first satyagraha. During the Champaran Satyagraha of 1917, the first conspiracy to kill him was hatched by a British officer. Bapu’s Champaran Satyagraha had put the British to sleep.

First attempt to kill

The Champaran Satyagraha of 1917 added to the difficulties of the British government. He wanted to suppress the opposition of the people. According to reports, with the same intention, British manager Arun invited Mahatma Gandhi and Rajendra Prasad for dinner one day. That day, Arun ordered Bakhtmian to drink a glass of milk for Gandhi. Duck Mian used to work in Arun. Arun asked him to poison the milk, but the patriot respected Bakhtmian Bapu, so he took it down while giving Mahatma Gandhi a glass of milk. The conspiracy was revealed when a cat died after licking spilled milk. However, Mahatma Gandhi ignored the assassination attempt and refused to file a complaint against Arun.

PM Modi paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrs' Day.

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PM Modi paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrs’ Day.

Bapu narrowly escaped death in 1934.

Then on June 25, 1934, Mahatma Gandhi was on the historic Harijan Yatra in Pune. It was a movement for freedom, equality and respect for the untouchables. That day, when he arrived to give a speech at the City Auditorium, someone threw a grenade at him, but the bomb exploded away from Bapu and did not harm him. It is said that this grenade was thrown by Gandhi’s opponents.

Godsey ran away in 1944, dagger in hand.

Mahatma Gandhi contracted malaria while imprisoned in the Aga Khan Palace Jail. After his release in May 1944, when the doctor advised him to rest, Bapu stayed at a hill resort near Pune. Meanwhile, a group of people approached Bapu and protested against him for a week. Nathuram Godse was also in this group. According to reports, one day during the evening prayer meeting, Nathuram Godse came running towards Bapu with a dagger in his hand, but before any accident could happen, the people present caught Godse and threw the knife out of his hand. Mahatma Gandhi tried to convince Godse and then let him go.

The train in which Bapu was traveling hit the rocks.

On the night of June 29, 1946, a train carrying Mahatma Gandhi to Pune narrowly escaped an accident between Nerul and Karjat stations. The engine driver said in his report that stones were placed on the train track. The engine hit the rocks and fell. However, the driver applied the emergency brake in time, due to which a major accident was avoided. Addressing a public prayer meeting in Pune the next day, Bapu said, “By God’s grace I have escaped death seven times, I have never hurt anyone, I do not consider anyone as an enemy, so I I can’t. Understand why there have been so many attempts on my life, the attempt to kill me failed yesterday, I’m not ready to die yet, I want to live to be 125 years old.

Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary

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Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary

Bomb blast in Bapu’s prayer gathering

A few days before the last attack by Nathuram Godse, there was a fatal attack on Mahatma Gandhi. This incident is on January 20, 1948. That evening, during evening prayers at Birla House, a bomb exploded a few meters from where Gandhi was sitting. Madan Lal Pahwa was arrested from the spot immediately after the blast. According to his confession, the bomb blast was part of an attempt to assassinate Gandhi.

The days in 1948 when Bapu was no more.

The day came when the assassination attempts on Gandhiji finally succeeded. That day was January 30, 1948. As usual, Bapu was going to Birla House in Delhi for evening prayers. Meanwhile, Nathuram Godse entered the crowd. He came close to Gandhiji on the pretext of touching his toe and then took out a pistol and fired three shots into his chest. Bapu died on the spot. The crowd grabbed Godsey. The gun recovered from him was no ordinary pistol. It was a rare pistol used mostly by Italy and other countries in World War II. Godsey was tried for the murder in May and executed in November of the following year. Hearing what happened on the day of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination still breaks people’s hearts.

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