Investors are joining in record numbers, people are getting into the stock market because of the huge returns.

NSE Report: With the growing economy of the country, the stock market is also making new records every day. People are also eager to be a part of this journey of development of the country. This is the reason why the number of investors is increasing day by day. According to the National Stock Exchange (NSE), there have been 21.1 lakh new registrations in December 2023. A month earlier, in November 2023, 14.3 lakh new investors had joined. There has been an increase of about 47%. With this, the total number of investors reached 8.5 crore at the end of the year.

The increase is coming on the back of strong returns.

The National Stock Exchange has said in its monthly market report that this is a new record. This is the highest number of new registrations in a month since May 2019. This increase has been recorded due to strong returns in the Indian equity market. Nifty 50 gained 8%, Nifty Midcap 100 gained 7.6% and Nifty Smallcap 100 gained 6.8% during this period.

Investors are growing in all parts of the country.

The NSE report shows that this increase in new registrations has been recorded in all parts of the country. However, the highest number of 6.6 lakh new registrations came from western India. There was an increase of 69% on month-on-month basis. Earlier this number was 3.9 lakh. West India’s share increased from 27.1 percent to 31 percent during November-December.

The share of South India decreased.

South India’s share has declined from 18.5 percent to 15.3 percent during this period. East India’s share also declined from 13.2 percent to 11.7 percent. However, the share of North India has increased by 50% from 5.9 lakh to 8.9 lakh. If we look at new investor registrations on a regional basis, we find that North India accounted for 42% in December.

Maharashtra again became number one.

Uttar Pradesh overtook Maharashtra in terms of new registrations in February 2023, NSE said. But, in December 2023, Maharashtra has once again taken the number one spot with nearly 3 lakh registrations. Last month there were 2.9 lakh new registrations from Uttar Pradesh. 2.4 lakh new investors have joined from Gujarat. 1.5 lakh new investors have come from Rajasthan and 84 thousand new investors have come from Haryana.

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