Tata Motors beats Maruti Suzuki to become country’s largest auto company, market cap reaches Rs 3.14 lakh crore – India TV Hindi

Tata Motors- India TV Paisa
Image: File The market cap of Tata Motors has surpassed that of Maruti Suzuki.

Tata Motors on Tuesday became the country’s largest automobile company by market capitalization. Till now Maruti Suzuki India was on the first position in this regard. A company’s market capitalization includes its share price plus DVR (Differential Voting Rights). However, even today Maruti Suzuki India is the largest auto company in the country in terms of sales.

Trading in Tata Motors shares

Shares of Tata Motors rose 2.19 percent to Rs 859.25 on BSE on Tuesday. It rose 5.40 percent to Rs 886.30 per share during trading. Shares of Tata Motors Ltd.-DVR rose 1.63 percent to Rs 572.65. Meanwhile, Maruti shares closed down 0.36 percent at Rs 9,957.25.

Market Cap of Tata Motors

The mcap of Tata Motors was Rs 2,85,515.64 crore while the market capitalization of Tata Motors Ltd-DVR was Rs 29,119.42 crore. In total it was Rs 3,14,635.06 crore. This is Rs 1,576.56 crore higher than Maruti’s price of Rs 3,13,058.50 crore.

Profit of Tata Motors

The company had made a profit of Rs 2,690 crore in the financial year 2022-23. Talking about the September quarter results, the company had made a profit of Rs 3,832 crore during the period. The company’s revenue during the period was Rs 1.05 lakh crore. The company’s revenue during this period was Rs 3.45 lakh crore. Among the Sensex and Nifty companies, Tata Motors was among the most profitable companies. DVR (Differential Voting Rights) shares are similar to ordinary equity shares but have different voting rights and dividend rights. Companies issue DVRs for reasons like preventing forced acquisitions, attracting retail investors, etc.

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