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Tiger terror in yellow hide.  (Hint Image) - India TV Hindi

Image source: PTI
Tiger terror in yellow hide. (reference image)

There is terror of tigers, leopards etc. in many districts of India. Every few days these animals come out of their territories and enter human settlements and make people their food. One such horrifying incident has come to light from Pilibhit in Uttar Pradesh, where a man who was cutting grass was picked up by a tiger and made his meal. When a search was launched for the man, the forest department found the mutilated body a day later.

What’s the whole deal?

An official of the forest department in Pelibhait has said that the mutilated body of a youth named Gangaram Yadav, who was attacked by a tiger on Monday, was recovered on Tuesday. According to information, the youth had gone to the forest to cut grass with some of his friends on Monday. However, he disappeared from here. When the other workers looked around, Gangaram was nowhere to be seen.

This is how the body was found

Gangaram’s screams were heard by fellow laborers while cleaning the forest. After that he disappeared from there. After searching for a long time, the workers found one of Ganga Ram’s shoes lying on the road. Meanwhile, fearing a tiger attack, the villagers reported the incident to the forest department. On the information of the villagers, the police and forest department team started searching for the youth and recovered the body.

The body was found in bad condition

According to Naveen Khandewal, Deputy Director of Pellibhit Tiger Sanctuary, a team of local police and forest department searched for the missing youth. Gangaram’s body was found mutilated in a sugarcane field outside the forest on Tuesday evening. The police have taken the body into custody and sent it for post-mortem. (input language)

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