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Kasurwar Gardhari Sonoane- India TV Hindi.

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Gardhari Sonoane was sentenced.

There has been a news of the deterioration of relations with the Terudi police station area of ​​Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh. Here a man killed two innocent girls of his younger brother. He also raped a girl. In this case, the Balaghat’s Varasivani Pocso Act Court found the elder father of the deceased girls, Gardhari Sonwane, guilty and sentenced him to death. Let us tell you that this is the first case of death penalty under POCSO Act in Balaghat.

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The entire incident took place in village Chitkadivari of Mahkepar outpost under Tirudi police station area, where the accused Gardhari Sonone lured two innocent real sisters and kidnapped them. He took them on bikes and took them to the forest with him and then tried to rape the two girls. First attempted to rape a 6-year-old girl. When the girl protested, they stoned her head to death and threw the body in the canal. After that, the accused raped the innocent 3-year-old girl and threw her into the canal. After the murder of the two innocent girls, the accused Gardhari fled away from Sonoane. The police arrested the accused involved in the case and disclosed the entire incident.

The girls’ mother was suspected of witchcraft.

The crime took place on April 4, 2022. Meanwhile, the police recovered the bodies of the two girls on April 5. In the course of events, it was revealed that Gardhari Sonone had a land dispute and suspected his brother’s wife (who had two daughters) of witchcraft, which led him to worry about his impotence and Tantric rituals. Started doing it. On April 4, when the family’s two innocent girls were at home, he took them on his bike. He took them to a pumpkin colony near the canal of Rajiv Sagar Dam and tried to rape the two innocent children while performing Tantric rituals.

Significantly, the prosecutor was able to prove the charges in the double murder case, which led to the POCSO Act Court, Hon’ble Kavita Anoti Varasivani, awarding death sentence to the accused.

(Report- Shaukat Bisane)

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