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Rajma and gram for weight loss

People diet to lose weight. A diet plan includes things that sometimes don’t sound so tasty. Some people eat only gourds, pumpkins and gourds in the name of dieting. Due to which the boredom ends very quickly. It’s not like these are the only things to eat while dieting. One can lose weight by eating many delicious and favorite foods. You can also include rajma and chickpea vegetables in your diet plan. People love kidney beans and chickpeas. Both of these are high protein sources. You can easily lose weight by eating them. Do you know which of the kidney beans and chickpeas is considered more beneficial for reducing obesity?

Nutrients in gram and kidney beans

Talking about nutrients, almost all nutrients are found in equal amount in both kidney beans and chickpeas. Rajma and chickpeas contain protein, calcium and carbohydrates. Let’s know how many calories are in almonds and chickpeas and what nutrients are found in them.

Nutrients in 1 cup of chickpeas

597 calories

19 grams of protein
4 grams of fat
60 grams of carbohydrates
Calcium 172 mg
10 mg of iron
Magnesium 188 mg
2.5 mg of zinc

Nutrients in 1 cup of kidney beans

564 calories
24 grams of protein
1.3 grams of fat
10 grams of carbohydrates
234 grams of calcium
13 mg of iron
Magnesium 229 mg
4 mg of zinc

Benefits of eating gram and almonds

Eating gram and almonds helps keep the heart healthy. It can cure heart problems.
Being a high source of protein, eating chickpeas and pumpkin seeds can help you lose weight.
Grams and almonds are also beneficial for the skin, it brightens the skin.

What to eat rajma or chickpeas to lose weight?

Similar nutrients are found in both kidney beans and chickpeas. However, there is a slight difference in some things. This difference alone can make your weight loss process more or less complete. Eating kidney beans leads to rapid weight loss. The main reason for this is that kidney beans are more nutritious than chickpeas and have fewer calories than chickpeas. Kidney beans are high in fiber. Which reduces obesity. It is an excellent source of protein for those who do not eat non-veg.

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