This terrorist organization claimed the lives of three American soldiers, America is ready to strike back – India TV Hindi

'Islamic resistance kills three US soldiers, US ready for counter attack' India TV Hindi

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“Islamic resistance killed three American soldiers, America is ready for a counter attack”

US on the attack on Jordan: The United States is saddened by the death of three American soldiers in a drone strike in Jordan. US President Joe Biden himself has said that he will respond to the death of his soldiers. On the other hand, the American Republican Party is also under intense pressure on Joe Biden not to delay the counterattack on the death of American soldiers. On the other hand, the United States has discovered this terrorist organization and has held this terrorist organization responsible for the death of American soldiers by carrying out drone attacks in Jordan. This terrorist organization belongs to Iraq, and its name is ‘Islamic Resistance’.

US troops are also deployed in the Middle East amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas since October 7. Jordan’s drone attack is also one of many attacks on them, in which 3 US soldiers lost their lives. America has always reacted dangerously to the death of its soldiers. Meanwhile, an official statement has come out from the White House of the United States regarding the drone attacks in Jordan. It has blamed an Iraqi terrorist group, the Islamic Resistance. It is being said that it is the militant group that killed three US soldiers.

This is the first direct fire death of US troops in recent history.

In this regard, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said, “We believe that the attack in Jordan was planned, resourced and facilitated by a group called the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, which includes several groups including Kataib Hezbollah.” ‘ Kirby said Kataib Hezbollah was not entirely responsible, but emphasized that the terrorist group was responsible for previous attacks on US targets. He further said that this is the first time since the attack that US soldiers have been killed by direct fire in the Middle East.

Three American soldiers were killed and 40 soldiers were injured.

In addition to the three deaths, more than 40 American soldiers were injured, three of whom were transported to a hospital in Germany for further treatment, while one is in stable condition and one is in critical condition. Kirby added that the US is ready to respond to the attack, with a multi-phase counter-attack planned. He said that we will retaliate in our time and at our appointed time.

Pressure mounts on Biden to strike back.

Earlier, on the issue of the death of 3 American soldiers in a terrorist drone attack on the Tower 22 military post in Jordan, US President Joe Biden responded that we will respond in kind. Meanwhile, the Republican Party put a lot of pressure on Joe Biden to respond appropriately to the attack. Meanwhile, there have been 150 missile attacks on US targets in the Middle East so far. At least three American soldiers were killed and more than 34 wounded. Then there is pressure from the Republican Party (GOP/Grand Old Party) on President Joe Biden to retaliate against Iran. This is the first time in 150 missile attacks on US bases in the Middle East that terrorists have breached the Pentagon’s defenses and killed military personnel.

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