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Farewell by helicopter...- India TV Hindi.

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The bride and groom bid farewell by helicopter.

Uttar Pradesh Cadre IAS Aprajeeta, a native of Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district, and IPS Devendra Chaudhary, a native of Churu, got married. After the wedding, the IPS husband sent off his IAS bride in a helicopter and took her to her village. When people came to know that the IAS-IPS couple was being seen off by helicopter, they became curious to see them. As soon as the chopper landed at the college ground in Bharatpur, a crowd of people came to see the chopper.

Preparation for civil service exam after MBBS

Actually, Aparajita’s father and mother, both residents of Dhuramoi village in Bharatpur, were doctors in a government hospital but after retirement both opened their own hospital. His daughter Dr. Aprajeeta cleared NEET in 2011 and completed MBBS from Rohtak, Haryana in 2017. But Aparajita wanted to become an IAS, so she prepared for the civil services exam and became an IAS in the year 2019.

Dulhan is posted as Chief Development Officer at Chandoli.

After 3 years in Andhra Pradesh Cadre she moved to Uttar Pradesh Cadre and currently posted as Chief Development Officer in Chandoli. She is married to Devendra Kumar, a resident of Khasoli village in Churu district. Devendra Kumar got selected in the Civil Services Exam 2021 and became an IPS, currently an IPS-in-training in Banaras, Uttar Pradesh. He still has 6 months left in his training.

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Bride’s father’s dream come true

The two got married last night at a hotel in Bharatpur and after that the newlyweds left the college ground in a helicopter today. Bride Aprajita’s father Dr. Amar Singh said that the day my daughter became an IAS, I had a dream that after my daughter became an IAS, when my daughter got married, I would send her to her in-laws. Home by helicopter. He said, My daughter is IAS and son-in-law is IPS. Today my dream of seeing it from a helicopter came true.

(Report- Kapil Cheema)

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