A person was walking around with a huge snake on his shoulder, then something happened… Watch this dangerous video – India TV Hindi

Man playing with snake.- India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
A man is playing with a snake.

As soon as the man sees the snake, he runs away. People fear snakes the most. But there are some people on this earth who start playing with snakes instead of fearing them. Recently, a video of one such person is going viral on social media in which the person is walking around carrying a big snake on his shoulder. Forget the fear, the man is seen playing with this big snake.

Picked up the snake and put it on his shoulder.

In the viral video, it can be seen that this person is in the snake’s house. Meanwhile, he is playing with a big snake. To the surprise of the people, the man carried the giant snake on his shoulder. Just by looking at the snake, one can guess that it will be about 15 feet long. In the video, the snake straightens its body and slowly tries to grab the man’s legs from below. After seeing the man playing with the snake, people are seen capturing the video on their cameras.

A video of a man playing with a snake was shared on the social media platform Instagram by a user named @therealtarzann. The user keeps posting similar wildlife related videos on his account. Till the time of writing this video has been liked by 3 lakh people while 3.7 lakh people have watched it. Along with this, a large number of people are commenting on this video and describing this act of this person as very dangerous.

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