The farmer bought buffalo from Nawabi hobby, his food is 20 liters of milk, cashews, almonds and figs, so much money is spent every day – India TV Hindi

Bahubali Buffalo Sher-e-Hind- India TV Hindi

Baahubali the Indian buffalo

Buffalo fighting is very famous in Burhanpur district of Madhya Pradesh. People keep buying fighting buffaloes to fight buffaloes. You will be surprised to hear their price and dosage. Similarly, a farmer named Babu Seth of Jainabad village of Burhanpur has bought a strong buffalo worth Rs 3 lakh 11 thousand. Now farmer Babu Seth will make a name for himself by entering this buffalo in the buffalo fight in the district. Babu Seth named this buffalo Lion of India.

Feed and price of Bahubali buffalo

The diet of this buffalo is not like that of normal buffaloes. It is given by eating 20 liters of milk, cashews, almonds and figs daily. whose food is 50 thousand rupees per month. The Indian lion has won 22 field battles so far and has won many titles. Let us tell you that a farmer who owns a fighting buffalo in Burhanpur district is one of the famous people. Although there is no special earning in buffalo fighting, the owner whose buffalo wins the fight is highly praised throughout the district.

Baahubali the Indian buffalo

Image source: INDIATV

Baahubali the Indian buffalo

Buffalo fights are famous here.

The buffalo fight in Burhanpur which is locally known as Pada Tucker is quite famous. On the second day of Diwali, a huge ‘Pada Tikar’ i.e. buffalo fight is held on the river Amravati in Shahpur, Municipal Council of the district. In which thousands of people from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra come to watch this buffalo fight. The owners of the winning buffaloes are awarded by the fair committee. Farmers of Burhanpur district keep buffaloes as family members. Despite not being used in farming, farmers spend lakhs of rupees on feeding and serving these animals. This is not because the buffalo helps the farmer to earn something, but because the buffalo increases the farmer’s prestige by showing his strength in the field.

(Shariq Akhtar Durrani reports from Burhanpur)

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