In Bihar, police seized liquor worth over Rs 94 lakh, villagers looted the ‘tasting’; Video – India TV Hindi.

Taste will be robbed and taken away...- India TV Hindi.

Image source: India TV
Villagers are looting the taste.

Liquor worth more than Rs 94 lakh was seized during liquor tasting in Bihar. There was massive smuggling of alcohol under the guise of peanuts, crisps and chips. Based on a tip-off, the CID team arrested the liquor-laden truck and the driver red-handed. 945 cartons of foreign liquor were seized, the police registered a preliminary case and sent the arrested accused to jail.

The CID team caught him red-handed.

Actually this amazing stunt is happening in Hajipur in Bihar which has banned liquor. The team of Patna CID reached there after searching the truck parked near the industrial area of ​​Hajipur’s industrial police station area. Acting on a tip-off, the CID team uncovered a unique pattern of liquor smuggling during the ban. The CID team caught the liquor-laden truck and the driver red-handed and reported it to the local police station, Industrial Area.

Villagers were seen running away with packets of chips and crisps.

When the truck was checked out, it was shocking to see. The truck contained 945 cartons of foreign liquor, along with large sacks of peanuts and packets of crisps and chips. When the villagers got wind of the smuggling of liquor under the guise of crisps, chips and peanuts, the villagers slowly reached the police station and were seen running away with packets of crisps and peanuts.

Illegal liquor smuggling along with crackers, chips and groundnuts in Bihar is becoming a new story in itself, the story of liquor smuggling exposed in Bihar under liquor ban with tasting. And the police seized the liquor, but the story goes that Chakhana villagers looted it. fits perfectly.

(Report- Raja Babu)

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