Women employees receiving messages from EPFO, what the government wants to know?

Employer Rating Survey: These days, the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) is sending text messages to women employees working in various companies. In this they are trying to know whether the company is paying them equal pay for equal work. Along with EPFO, the Ministry of Labor and Employment as well as the Ministry of Women and Child Development are also involved in the survey. Through this survey, the share of women employees in the workforce of different companies will also be ascertained. Companies will be evaluated on this basis.

There are many questions being asked in employer rating surveys.

This employer rating survey asks a number of questions. In this women employees have to select the options like yes, no and not applicable. The results of the survey will tell how companies treat women employees. Also, how many women are they accommodating in their workforce? It asks women what facilities are provided in your company to complain about sexual harassment. Is there a crèche for children or not? Do we get equal pay for equal work or not and what is the facility to send people home after work at night?

EPFO sent questions to 30 crore users.

According to the information, EPFO ​​has sent this questionnaire to its 30 crore customers. According to the Ministry of Labour, by the year 2022-23, 2.8 lakh women were registered with EPFO. This was the highest number ever. EPFO is a retirement fund, whose data shows regular employment status in the country. Last week, Women and Child Development Minister Smriti Irani gave information about the employer rating survey. He informed that this is a part of ‘Siksham Naari Sashak Bharat – Women in Workforce for a Developed India’ campaign.

Women are not getting good jobs.

India is among the lowest countries in terms of the status of women in employment. The government’s Labor Force Survey showed that the number of women in employment had reached 27.8 percent in 2022-23. In the year 2017-18, this figure was 17.5 percent. In this too, most of the women’s jobs are as helpers. They do not get regular salary. Women still do not fare well in good jobs.

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