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Thana Sadar bids farewell like a groom - India TV Hindi

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A police officer’s farewell as a groom

The farewell of a police station chief in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur has become a topic of discussion in the area. Actually, station in-charge Ravi Prakash posted at Turki OP police station has been transferred to the post of police station president in Kadhani police station of the district. When he started going to Kadhani police station to collect his charge, the policemen of Turki OP police station and common people looked at him as if he was going to a wedding procession.

Farewell with the band

Policemen and common people put garlands around Police Station Officer Ravi Prakash’s neck and made him sit in the car with affection. The SHO’s car was also beautifully decorated as was the groom’s car. Apart from that, he was also given a farewell with the band. Apart from the police personnel, people from nearby areas were also present in the farewell ceremony. Police station in-charge Ravi Prakash looked very happy wearing a garland of flowers around his neck.

He was loved by the people.

Police station chief Ravi Prakash said that the public’s love for police officers shows that if the officers understand the pain and suffering of the public while performing their work and responsibilities towards the public, then the public also respects such officers. He said that wherever he goes, he will stay connected with the people and continue to do his work honestly.

He said that I will also ask the incoming in-charge of this police station to stay in touch with the people. Before bidding farewell, Ravi Prakash went to the temple in the police station premises and sought the blessings of Baba Bholanath. After that he sat in the car and left. It is being told that Police Station President Ravi Prakash was very fond of the people. For this reason, the people of the area looked at him with great respect. The staff of the police station also loved him very much.

Report – Sanjeev Kumar

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