These leaders who appealed for peace in Ukraine wanted to contest elections against Putin – India TV Hindi

The candidacy of Russian leader Boris Nadezhdin, who wants to contest the presidential elections against Putin, is rejected - India TV Hindi

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The candidacy of Russian leader Boris Nadezhdin, who wanted to participate in the presidential elections against Putin, was rejected.

Moscow: There is great news for Putin ahead of the presidential election in Russia. The candidacy of the candidate who announced to run against Putin and appealed for peace in the war in Ukraine has been canceled. The Election Commission of Russia has banned the political leader who opposes Moscow’s military action in Ukraine from the upcoming presidential elections. I have stopped participating. Permission to fight on Thursday was refused. This pretty much clears the way for Putin to run for a second term as president.

Boris Nadezhdin, 60, a local representative from a city near Moscow, needed to collect at least 100,000 signatures in support of his candidacy. The Central Election Commission found more than 9,000 signatures submitted by his campaign management invalid, enough to disqualify him. According to Russian election laws, no more than five percent of a potential candidate’s submitted signatures must be incorrect. Nadezhdin appealed to Russia to stop the Ukraine war and start negotiations with the West.

What did Boris say when his candidacy was cancelled?

Speaking to the Electoral Commission on Thursday, Boris Nadezhdin urged election officials to postpone the decision, but they refused to do so. Nadezhdin said he would challenge his disqualification in court. “I’m not alone standing here,” he said. Thousands of Russian citizens who signed for me stand with me.” The presidential election is scheduled for March 15-17. There is every possibility that President Vladimir Putin will be re-elected due to his strong hold on the Russian political system. (AP)

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