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Bihar: IBPSC teacher to conduct biometrics turns out to be fake.

Katihar: Spring is in the news these days. The recent change of government in the state made a lot of headlines. Along with this, the recruitment of BPSC teachers across the country was also discussed. Apart from Bihar, people from many states have also got jobs in it. All the candidates have also completed their training and now they are being joined. Before this, their biometrics is being done. Meanwhile, the first fake teacher has been caught from Katihar district.

The final phase of recruitment was underway.

Actually, the final phase of BPSC Teacher Re-training TRE-2 exam was going on in Education Department. Face and thumb matching of all successful candidates was being done by the department. Police force and magistrates were present at the spot, but Omkar Nath Bhandwar of Sogapati village in Phulparas police station area of ​​Bihar’s Madhubani district arrived without taking the BPSC exam in a crowd of newly appointed male and female teachers.

No record of this was found in the department

Like other candidates, the accused also started matching his face and thumb. This is where it all went wrong. No record of this was found in the Education Department. The reason for this was that the accused had not even given the exam. Officials compared facial and thumbprints but there was no match. After that, the accused started running away in fear. After that, the employees present at the investigation point ran and caught him, then this fictitious person entered the bus.

Legal action will be taken against the accused.

After the incident, the entire education department went on alert mode and the officers themselves matched the fake teacher’s face and thumb in their chamber, but none of the two could match. After that the accused Omkar Nath Bhandwar admitted his cheating and said that he himself had not appeared in the written examination. After filling the form, he went to Mumbai to work. Someone else sat in his place in the exam.

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