This beauty had a unique housewarming party at her in-laws! The mother-in-law had picked up the slippers to kill her! The painful story of a Bollywood actress who got married quietly

Bollywood Retro: Many actresses ruled Bollywood in the 90s. One of them is the name of this Bollywood actress who is now away from the screen but once made people crazy with her acting and dancing. This name belongs to none other than Rekha who was once the heartbeat of millions of hearts. Rekha boosted her career by acting in many Bollywood films but she could not build her own house in real life.

Rekha was married to famous actor Vinod Mehra. Rekha was the third wife of Vinod Mehra. According to media reports, Rekha and Vinod got married secretly and when the actress reached her in-laws after the wedding, she entered the house with slippers. In fact, when Rekha bent down to touch the feet of her mother-in-law, Vinod Mehra’s mother, at her in-laws, her mother-in-law turned red with anger.

Mother-in-law didn’t like Rekha!
Reports claim that Vinod Mehra’s mother did not like Rekha and when her son brought her as his daughter-in-law, she picked up a slipper to beat the actress. This attitude of Vinod’s mother made Rekha very sad. After some time of marriage, tension started to arise between Rekha and Vinod and both decided to separate from each other.

Married twice, couldn’t settle down
After his separation from Rekha, Vinod Mehra settled down for the fourth time. The actor is married to Karan Mehra. At the age of 45, Karan suffered a heart attack and bid farewell to the world. Rekha married businessman Mukesh Agarwal. But Mukesh committed suicide after just one year of marriage.

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