This multi-bagger penny stock crossed Rs 475 in just 4 years, such a tremendous growth

Suraj Products Limited, a small company in the steel sector, has given unprecedented returns to its shareholders in the market. The share has now crossed the Rs 475 mark due to the sharp rise in price, compared to a penny stock till a few years ago.

Trading at a slight loss today

Shares of Suraj Products Ltd, which operates a small integrated steel plant, were trading around Rs 478, a loss of around 2 percent today. The share has gained around 2.5% in the last 5 days while its value has increased by around 25% in a month. The stock is up about 16 percent since the start of this year.

Multibagger according to 6 months

As per the last 6 months, the share of Suraj Products has increased by 99%. On August 9, 2023, the price of a share was around Rs 240, which is around Rs 480 now. This means that in six months this stock has almost doubled its profit and is included in the list of multi baggers. Along with this, this stock has gained more than 267% in the last one year.

So much progress has been made in 4 years.

The share has soared to Rs 534.50 at one point in the past one year, compared to just Rs 10 a share four years ago in February 2020. This means that shares of Suraj Products have gained up to 5,245% during the last 4 years.

This small steel company started in the year 1991 also has a small market size. Currently Suraj Products Limited has a market cap of around Rs 245 crore. While the PE ratio of the shares is 17.72, the dividend yield is 0.31%.

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