Najafgarh double murder: entered the saloon and fired shots with a pistol on his forehead. Video – India TV Hindi.

Najafgarh Murder- India TV Hindi.

Image source: CCTV footage
Carnage in saloon in Najafgarh

Police sources have made a big claim in the double murder case in Salon Hoi of Najafgarh, Delhi. The police believe that the incident was carried out by Gogi gang shooters. Police have identified the accused who shot dead Ashish and Sonu in Najafgarh area. Police are looking for accused Sanjeev alias Sanju and Harsh alias Chanto in this case. In the CCTV video of the incident that has surfaced, it can be seen that the perpetrator of the murder is Sanjeev alias Sanju, who is wearing a yellow T-shirt and firing with a pistol in his hand. Is. The second assailant is Harsh alias Chanto, a criminal dressed in black.

Arriving from prison on February 8, massacred on February 9

It is being told that Harsh alias Chanto came out of Delhi Jail on Thursday i.e. February 8 and then on February 9 he committed the double murder and escaped from the spot. Harsh alias Chanto was arrested by Delhi’s Outer North District Police on October 19, 2023 in an extortion case. Harsh alias Chanto used to demand ransom in the name of Gogi gang. Harsh alias Chanto is a resident of Alipur and Sanjeev alias Sanju is a resident of Nangli. Both have known each other for many years. Not only this, several cases are registered against Ashish.

Police suspect a gang war.

After yesterday’s incident, police said Sonu and Ashish were shot several times in front of other customers and salon staff. Both are around 30 years old. An alleged CCTV footage of the incident surfaced on social media, in which a victim can be seen pleading with the attackers. The assailants shot him in the head in a fit of rage. Sonu was shot once in the head, Ashish three times in the head and once in the chest, police said. A police officer said that personal enmity is initially suspected behind the attack, but the possibility of a gang war cannot be ruled out. Police say that after the incident, both the assailants fled from the scene.

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