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A heart-wrenching incident has come to light in Moradabad’s Amroha. Billionaire businessman Yogesh Chandra and his 27-year-old daughter Shreshti were stabbed to death here. DIG from Moradabad reached Amroha on the information of double murder. There is no information available about when the murder took place at night and who did it. The CCTV cameras installed in the house were also found to be switched off. This led to speculation that the killers had switched off the CCTV before killing the father and daughter, so that they could not be identified.

The crime was committed by switching off the CCTV installed in the house.

The deceased businessman has only one son. who was sleeping upstairs in his room at the time of the murder. The son also knows nothing about this matter. He knows nothing of what happened below and who did it. Ashnik, son of a businessman from Mittak, said that he works in Delhi and has been here for the last two or three days. Father Yogesh goes to play table tennis with his friend every morning. Like every day, this morning when his friends came home, they found the door open. When he came inside the room, he was completely shocked. Seeing this dangerous scene, he called me. When I came down, I saw the dead bodies of my father and sister in the living room. I don’t know when it happened, how it happened, what can I say about it. All the furniture of the house is spread out.

Police are investigating the matter.

Moradabad DIG Muniraj, who reached the spot, said that we had received information that two bodies were found in a house. When we went to the scene, we found that the father and daughter had been killed with a sharp weapon. There has been a conversation with the deceased’s son. Some suspicious names have come up. Teams have been formed to investigate the case and the murder will be revealed soon.

(Reporting by Rajeev Sharma from Moradabad)

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