Women’s participation in organ transplant donation increased, now they are getting a new lease of life.

Recently India has seen a positive change regarding organ transplantation. While earlier there was a large gap between men and women in terms of organ transplants, in 2022 the gap has narrowed to 2.36:1. This means that one woman for every two men now receives an organ transplant. This improvement is the result of the Ministry of Health’s various awareness programs and efforts to address the ethical aspects of organ donation.

A growing share of women
According to the Minister of State for Health Satya Pal Singh Baghel, a total of 36,640 organ transplants were performed between 1995 and 2021, of which 29,695 were performed on men and 6,945 on women. This shows that the opportunities for organ transplants for women have increased compared to before. While earlier only one woman for every four men received an organ transplant in 2021, the ratio has now improved to 2.36:1. This means that one woman for every two men now receives an organ transplant. This change is due to various awareness programs run by the Ministry of Health and efforts to emphasize the importance of organ donation.

Know its importance.
While explaining the importance of organ donation, the government and various organizations also tell people how many lives can be saved by donating an organ. It is not only a means of giving new life to the patients but also conveys a message of unity and compassion in the society. Organ transplantation is life saving. After a person’s death, their healthy organs can give new life to other people. One person can save 8 lives. Therefore, many people benefit from organ donation. Patients suffering from serious diseases can get relief from it. It increases feelings of gratitude and humanity. The government is conducting an awareness campaign on human organ donation so that more people can participate in this important work.

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