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132 Ton Rock - India TV Hindi

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132 tons of rock

There are many places in the world that are full of mysterious things. In many places, the mystery has not been solved till date. Today we are going to talk about one such place where there is a science behind the mystery. The weight of the rocks is very high and when the weight of the rock reaches 132 tons, then it is not possible for a human to move it. But there is a rock made of granite in the forest of Hevelgote in northeastern France. It weighs 132 tons. The name of this rock is Thrumbing Stone. Although this rock is hundreds of times heavier than human weight, even a weak person can move this rock with one hand. Isn’t that surprising?

This heavy stone will move like this.

The trick to moving this heavy rock is very logical. In fact, this heavy rock can be moved with one hand, the only condition being that the rock is moved in the right place. This rock is also known as Logan Stone. Now we tell you where to move this 132 ton rock, it will move easily. Let us tell you that this rock rests on a flat rock in such a way that one of its corners is not stable. In such a situation, if you touch this corner of the rock, it starts swinging up and down. Due to this stone, this place in France has become a popular tourist destination.

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