‘Already played in Bihar’, CM Nitish proves his majority, big blow to RJD – ​​India TV Hindi

Nitish Kumar- India TV Hindi.

Image source: PTI
Nitish won majority.

Patna: Big news related to Bihar politics has come out. Nitish Kumar has won the vote of confidence in the assembly. 130 votes including the Deputy Speaker were cast in favor of the vote of confidence. During the vote of confidence, the opposition walked out.

Tejaswi launched a big attack on Nitish.

Amidst the political crisis, Tejashwi launched a fierce attack on Nitish. Tejashwi said that taking three U-turns in a single turn has never been seen anywhere. Nitish Kumar made history by taking oath as Chief Minister nine times. Nitish Kumar must have had some compulsions like King Dasharatha.

Tejashwi said that Nitish is and will be respected. We gave jobs to the youth of Bihar, making the impossible possible. We provided employment to 2 lakh people. Everyone wants to know why Natash changed sides. It was not Dasharatha but Kikeyi who sent Rama into exile, Nitish Kumar should tell who Kikeyi is. Nitishji must have told once that there is separation.

A ‘game’ was going on between JDU and RJD.

Nitish Kumar had left the Grand Alliance and joined the NDA and had to prove his majority in the House on February 13. Prior to this, there was intense political activity going on in Bihar. While the Congress sent its MLAs to Hyderabad, Rajat stayed at the residence of MLA Tejashwi Yadav. Ahead of the floor test, there were speculations about MLAs moving around. Three RJD MLAs voted in favor of Nitish and Nitish has proved his majority. Now RJD will sit in the opposition and Nitish will run the government along with NDA.

Earlier Tejashwi had said that the game has just started and we will finish it, but today JDU has finished the game.

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