The stock market closed with heavy losses due to a tsunami of declines in mid-cap-small-cap stocks, with a loss of Rs 7.60 lakh crore in market value.

Stock market close on February 12, 2024: The first trading session of this week was very disappointing for Indian stock market investors. Today’s session has turned out to be a Black Monday for mid-cap and small-cap stocks. Today’s business has also seen strong selling in banking stocks. At the close of business, the BSE Sensex fell 523 points to close at 71,072 points, while the National Stock Exchange’s Nifty closed down 166 points at 21,616 points.

State of the sector

A tsunami has been seen in mid-cap and small-cap stocks in today’s trade. The Nifty Midcap Index closed down 1213 points and the Nifty Small Cap Index closed down 652 points. While BSE Midcap closed with a decline of 1038 points and BSE Small Cap closed with a decline of 1443 points.

The market cap has decreased by Rs 8 lakh crore.

Due to this fall in the stock market, the market value of the listed companies has decreased significantly. At the close of trading today, the market cap of BSE-listed companies fell to Rs 378.85 lakh crore from Rs 386.43 lakh crore in the previous trading session. In today’s trade, the market value fell by Rs 7.58 lakh crore.

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