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Two trains stand on a track - India TV Hindi.

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Two trains are standing on a track.

In India even today people consider train as the best mode of transport. For long distances, people look to trains first. More than 2 crore people travel in Indian trains every day. Different trains run on different tracks. But have you ever seen two trains standing on the same track? If you haven’t seen it, then you must watch this video that has gone viral on social media.

One track and 2 trains!

In a video that has gone viral on social media, you can see two trains standing on the same track. One train appears to be a goods train and the other a passenger train. Someone made a video of two trains standing on the same track and posted it on social media. After which the video went viral. People had a lot of fun after watching this video.

Watch the viral video here

People explained the reason for this situation

The video has been shared on Instagram by an account named Sorabhatra. After watching the video, people felt that these two trains are standing opposite each other on the track. To clear up this misconception, one user wrote – They are not standing in front of each other but behind each other in line. Another user said it was a banker locomotive. Let us tell you that a banker locomotive is used behind the train to help increase the speed of the train when needed. Another user wrote that bro, behind the mall train is a banker. A user said that the pantograph of the mall train is backwards which means it will go forward. Another user wrote – The red light of the mall train is flashing, it means it will not go towards you but in the other direction.

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