This famous actor farmed for 5 years after quitting acting, why did he decide to leave the world of glamor and become a farmer?

Sara Bhai Vs Sara Bhai Fame Become Farmer: Acting is also called the world of glamor and if one settles in this world, it becomes difficult for him to come out. But there is one actor who, despite a successful career in acting, said goodbye to this world and became a farmer and started farming. The actor lived in the village for five years and used to farm and grow crops.

It is actor Rajesh Kumar who left the world of glamor to become a farmer. Rajesh rose to fame by playing the role of Rajesh in ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’. Apart from this, he has appeared in shows like ‘Yum Kisi Se Kaam Nahi’, ‘Neeli Chhatri Wale’, ‘Yeh Meri Family’ and now in the recently released movie Teri Baat Mein Esa Aljaha Jaya. But before that, Rajesh continued farming in Bihar for 5 years.

What am I doing for the next generation?
In an interview to Join Films, Rajesh said- ‘In 2017, I was at the peak of my acting career on TV, when I decided to take up farming. While I was enjoying watching TV, my heart was constantly asking me, what am I doing for the next generation apart from leaving a few tapes of entertainment?

For this reason, I took a break from acting.
Asked about leaving the glamor world to become a farmer, Rajesh said, ‘I wasn’t doing anything special or extra to contribute to society. How will my children remember me? You worked for yourself, for your safety, for your income. I thought to myself, how am I going to leave my footprints? Then I went back to my hometown and grew crops.

Faced many challenges while farming.
Rajesh Kumar further said that when he farmed for five years, several outlets said that he had quit acting to become an actor or that he had no money. However, during this time he faced many challenges and due to his education he was able to overcome all the difficulties.

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