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Unemployment rate in India: The unemployment rate in the country has decreased. The unemployment rate among people aged 15 years and above declined to 6.5% in urban India during October-December 2023. This information comes from official data released on Monday. In the same period last year, the unemployment rate was 7.2 percent. Keeping in mind the importance of availability of labor force data at time intervals, NSSO launched the Periodic Labor Force Survey (PLFS) in April 2017. The unemployment rate for men declined to 5.8 percent in October-December 2023 from 6.5 percent in October-December 2022, the PLFS quarterly bulletin said.

The unemployment rate of women also decreased

The unemployment rate for women fell from 9.6 percent to 8.6 percent during the same period. The survey added that the Worker Population Ratio (WPR) for persons aged 15 years and above in urban areas increased to 46.6 percent in October-December 2023. In October-December 2022, it was 44.7 percent.

5 crore jobs will come in this sector.

The hospitality and tourism sector is expected to generate 5 crore direct and indirect jobs in the next five to seven years, the Hotels Association of India (HAI) said on Monday. Chitwal, MD and CEO, Indian Hotels Company Limited, said tourism is a pillar of growth, accounting for around 10 per cent of total employment generation and contributing eight per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). HAI vice-chairman KB Kachru said that recruitment has increased by 271 per cent in the last two years.

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