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Akshay Kumar and Shreyas Talpade.

Good friendship is seen between Bollywood stars. After working together in several films, the actors become close to each other and treat each other like family members. Recently actor Shreyas Talpade suffered a heart attack. The actor’s condition deteriorated and he underwent angioplasty. After staying in the hospital for several days, he was discharged. Now the actor is much better than before and is back to work. He has resumed shooting for ‘Viklam To The Jungle’. Upon his return, he also spoke about the reaction of his co-stars working in the film and said that Akshay Kumar was quite upset. He was busy providing all possible help. He was in constant touch with the actor’s wife.

Akshay Kumar was worried.

Shreyas Talpade recently suffered a fatal heart attack. He spoke about how the Hindi and Marathi film industry supported him and his family at a crucial time. Speaking to a media house, the actor and his wife recalled the time when their ‘Housefull 2′ co-star Akshay Kumar offered to shift the actor to another hospital after he suffered a heart attack. Shreyas’ wife Deepti Talpade said, ‘Akshay Kumar kept calling me and kept asking, ‘Deepiti, should we shift him? You tell us, we will shift him to another hospital. He called me again in the morning and said, ‘Please let me see him for two minutes.’ I just want to see them. I said you can come whenever you want. The Hindi and Marathi film industry was there for us that day.

The situation suddenly worsened

This serious accident happened when Shreyas Talpade reached home from shooting. After the shooting, Shreyas Talpade’s health deteriorated and he started feeling restless at home. The condition became so bad that he fainted. His wife Deepti then rushed him to a nearby hospital. The actor underwent an angioplasty soon after reaching the hospital, after which his condition was declared stable. Currently, the actor has returned home and as per the advice of the doctors, he can resume work now.

Worked in these films.

Let us tell you that Shreyas Talpade is also a big star of Bollywood and Marathi films. Shreyas has been active in the field of entertainment for the past several decades. He has acted in many films including ‘Iqbal’, ‘Apna Sapna Mani Mani’, ‘Om Shanti Om’, ‘Golmaal Returns’, ‘Golmaal 3’, ‘Housefull 2’ and ‘Golmaal Again’. Apart from this, he is also an excellent dubbing artist. He has also lent his voice in Hollywood film ‘The Lion King’ and Bollywood film ‘Pushpa’. After the news of this accident with Shreyas, his fans are praying for his safety on social media.

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