Children were having fun while bathing, lioness was guarding the children, IFS officer shared this photo – India TV Hindi

Viral Pic.- India TV Hindi.

Image Source: Social Media
Viral photo.

Pictures and videos related to wild animals often go viral on social media. Some surprise us and some scare us. In many posts animal mischief can be seen and in many their victimization can be seen. Recently, a picture is going viral on social media, seeing which people’s hearts are melting.

The IFS officer shared the photo.

This post was shared by Indian Forest Service Officer Parveen Kaswan from his X account. While sharing the post, he wrote in the caption that such scenes bring a smile to every conservationist’s face. Imagine that this species was once on the brink of extinction. Now she is getting better. A mother lion watches over six cubs as they take a good bath. A hardworking mother indeed. #Tiger reserve somewhere in India. The officer’s post has been viewed by 32,000 people so far and 150,000 people have liked it. After this picture went viral, people are calling it heart touching.

The shared post is a photo of a tigress and her cubs taking a bath in a lake. Six cubs are happily bathing in the lake and the mother lioness hovers nearby to protect them all. So that no other animal attacks them. This picture perfectly describes the mother’s anxiety. Let us know what you think about this picture by commenting.

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