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If you want to keep the feeling of love alive on Valentine’s Day, you have to do something special. To please your partner, you have to put in some extra effort. Especially at a time when your relationship is getting old. If love and romance are lacking in life and fights are on the rise, such opportunities should not be missed. Love is the most necessary thing to run a love relationship. When love starts to fade from relationships, fights increase. So, this Valentine, give your partner only love. Don’t accidentally do this to them.

Don’t make this mistake on Valentine’s Day.

The buried dead were uprooted— Often, in an attempt to resolve the fight, people start digging up the corpses. On Valentine’s Day, talk to your partner only about love. Let go of old things. Forget all grudges and speak only nice and sweet things to each other. If you bring up old issues again, the fight can escalate. It will add another bittersweet memory in your life that we fought on Valentine’s Day.

Avoid conflict- Often people’s relationships get damaged due to arguments because neither of them is willing to compromise. How will things get done when you stick to your ideas? If this happens in your relationship, don’t forget to do it on Valentine’s Day. Even if you have to compromise, listen to each other on this day in the name of love. This will improve your deteriorating relationship.

Don’t be busy, make time for your partner. Another reason for fighting these days is lack of time. Many times both are unable to give each other adequate time due to work. Due to which the relationship starts to deteriorate. In such a situation you should not let Valentine’s Day or other such special days pass. Spend time with each other that day. Sit and talk with each other and feel special.

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