Investments in gold ETFs are attracting investors, with investments increasing 7 times in January 2024 compared to December 2023.

Gold ETF: Along with equity investment in gold is also attracting investors. Investors are attracted to invest in gold due to the prospect of rising gold prices. The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) has released data saying that in January 2024, total investment in gold exchange traded fund was Rs 657 crore, which is 7 times more than in December 2023.

The Association of Mutual Funds in India has released data on investments in Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). According to this data, investors have invested Rs 657 crore in gold ETFs in January 2024. According to the data, net investment in gold ETFs rose to Rs 657.4 crore in January from Rs 88.3 crore in December 2023. With this investment, the gold fund’s assets under management rose 1.6 percent to Rs 27,778 crore as of January-end, according to AMFI data. By December 2023, the amount was Rs 27,336 crore.

Experts believe that due to global tensions and high inflation rates in the US, investors are choosing to invest in gold as it is seen as a safe investment. Morningstar Investment Research India analyst Melvin Santarita said gold’s popularity is expected to continue due to current geopolitical tensions and high levels of US inflation.

The US Federal Reserve may cut interest rates in the coming days. If this happens, gold prices may rise further in the coming days. There are chances of good returns on investment in such gold ETFs. Gold ETFs track the price of domestic physical gold. The investment made in it is based on gold prices. The money collected under this fund is invested in the bullion market.

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